Lee Perry: dub makes sex

from an interview with Lee Scratch Perry:

You will perform at the Dublime event at Fabric later this month, celebrating all things related to dub. So I would like to begin by asking you about dub itself. What is dub?

Well dub is your heart and your brain. The beat of the drum is the beat of the human heart. When God was starting to make man, he make man different from animals. So that’s why him make man after him make animals, that he can know that the music is going to be the heart of the human being, so he would make it a drumbeat: toof, toof, toof, toof, and when you listen to your little heart, it go boof, boof, boof, boof, and sometimes it makes a drum: Boof, toof, boof, and you play on the cymbal to it. Then you might want a bass inside, and the bass is going to be your brain. And the bass can’t play anything else but poom poom. Anything the bass play, it’s always saying “poom poom,” to turn on the girl and make the girl want to dance and turn on the man.

So dub is a sensual thing?

Yes, it makes sex.

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