Openbare telefooncel

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“The public telephone is indispensable for urban public space. During the last decade its importance was reduced and its position marginalized. Its services are less and less accessed. In certain regions the identity of the public phone is heavily modified, in other regions it is slowly but surely disappearing from daily usage.”

Urban Traces – Telephone” maakt deel uit van het “Bank of images – public telephone” project, een zijgebeuren van het “Interventions3” project. Daarmee zet het Moldavische kunstenaarscollectief Oberliht haar exploraties in de openbare ruimte verder.

In an epoch of unification marked by globalism and the neo-liberal economic relations, as well as consumption that changes the landscape of our everyday lives and makes it more structured, organized and controlled, when the rules of the game are more and more restricted, identities and stereotypes become fundamental, the art world is institutionalized and instrumentalized, it becomes less and less possible to identify available spaces for innovative, creative and experimental activity.
That’s why one of the ways that is left is to intervene into the already organized society in which we live or, may be, to escape into the void?

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