Mikey Dread – Robber Dub

“And he loved to steal your money”

We don’t really need an alibi to play this tune, but this is too good an occasion to not play this classic “Robber Dub”.  The economic and financial crysis made us unevitably think of the eighties and the eighties made us think -amongst a lot of other things- of the Clash and their “Bankrobber”. It’s your archetypical punkdub, it’s the Clash playing at their best and it has the great Mikey Dread mixing it all up.

“Bankrobber” has a much less played dub companion, which you can find on “Super Black Market Clash”. It’s this “Robber Dub” (a heavy Mikey Dread tune) that you’ll be hearing when you hit he play-button. If aftewards you want to hear the original Bankrobber, you can go to YouTube (unfortunately, no embedding allowed).

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