Dub One!

Berlin-based dubhead Dub One! releases his first solo effort on the german netlabel iD.EOLOGY. ‘Dubplates from the Mad House’ serves a fascinating melting pot of dub, jazz, hiphop, ethno and more dub. The mini-album -5 songs strong- keeps surprising you each time you listen to it, it has some great artwork and you can download it for free. What more does a dubhead need?

Dubplates from the Mad House

Dub One! also features on the album celebrating release #50 of netlabel iD.EOLOGY. You can listen to “Un Taxi la Nuit” below and then download the whole album from the site.

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  1. Love the music! Love the artwork! Made my day. Hope you won’t dub just one, but will dub lots more.

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