Massilia Sound System

Listen to Massilia Sound System’s “Bouteille sur bouteille”.

Massilia Sound System has always been one of the most inspiring french reggae bands. Anyone who has seen them perform live, will understand why. It’s not just the way they mix the Jamaican heritage (be it reggae, ragga or rub-a-dub) with their occitan culture. Or the energy, the fun and the and feelgood vibes that turn the live shows into real “féria”.

The special thing about them is the impact they had and still have, even after more than twenty years (since 1984!) of touring and recording. Agitating against the Front National and against Sarkozy; reporting on street life in multi-ethnic Marseille; empowering an entire generation of young Marseillais with a positive identity, proud of their city and their capacity to embrace different cultural traditions; defending the Occitan language and culture. Heart, feet and brain: Massilia moves it all.

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