Dubamix brings militant dub

This one’s a strange affair. What do you think would happen if you took your inspiration from yesterday’s roots reggae, today’s electro dub and classic composers like Haydn, Bach or Dvorak? And if you added those influences to your love for dub (musically) and anarchism (politically)? Well, then you might get something like “Mix A Dub”, the first album of Parisien Dubamix.

Dubamix started out in 2003 as a dubspace where musical and political resistance could meet in a true dub spirit. The music defies borders, letting different musical traditions get into a whole new dialogue. In a song like “Haydub” you can start guessing what would happen if Haydn were born on Jamaica. “Tango” mixes tango music with dub and the voice of Leo Ferré. In “Dvordub” you can hear a symphonic orchestra playing. In “Balkan” there’s french chanson and drum’n’bass. “Rap in Dub” then goes deep into hiphop and jungle territories where Dubamix meets Public Enemy. And so on.

Sometimes we think it’s all a bit too much for one record, but most of the time we get surprised by the originality of the ideas and the music. And of course we’re also pleased to hear the leftwing anarchist stance that Dubamix tries to make. There’s even a whole explanation why Dubamix is nòt an myspace.

You can download this 15 track album for free from the site or support Dubamix by buying the cd for a very reasonable 6 euro.

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