Dub Colossus In A Town Called Addis

We know it’s a bit late, but for some things it’s never too late. Like for writing down a few words about a record that was released months ago. We’re talking about “In A Town Called Addis” by Dub Colossus, released october 2008 on Real World Records.

Now why talk a few months later about “A Town Called Addis”, if it’s not because the record made it number 1 in february’s World Music Chart Europe? We’re not really chart people and we’re not into hit music, so there must be other reasons.

One could be the fact that we have been listening to Nick Page (aka Dub Colossus) ever since he was one of the founding members of Transglobal Underground. That was 1990, long before world music and cross-over would become radical chic. After Transglobal Underground came Natacha Atlas, Temple of Sound and countless collaborations and since a few years there is Dub Colossus. So we kept following the musical outings of Nick Page, always curious about what his next move would be.

Another reason is that a few years ago we got to know Ethiopian music and fell in love with it. It was through the musical collaborations set up by anarchopunx the Ex that we discovered this hidden gem of Africa. We found out how astonishing it is to hear how dreamy blues, hypnotic grooves, jazzy piano and driving funk brass all blending together into an other-worldly listening experience. Wonderfull music, as you can hear for yourselves on the Ethiopique series, of which by the way there is now a “Very best of” 2cd compilation.

So if you put one (Dub Colossus) and one (Ethiopia) together, you get something extraordinary like In A Town Called Addis, fusing traditional Ethiopian music with spacey dub. We heard somebody compare it to Lee Scratch Perry producing Éthiopiques. In the same vein Nick Page turns out to be a real alchemist who has created a completely contemporary dub marvel. Much respect!

You can listen to samples of each song on the Real World website or hear more on the Dub Colossus Myspace page.

Nick Page talks about the project, the music and the album:

Listen to Sima Edy, one of the songs on the album:

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  2. […] maart 2009 Following our post on Dub Colossus, we return to Ethiopia for some swing with the father of Ethiojazz Mulatu […]

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