Digital laptop reggae

Jahtari is digital dub in the true sense of the word. The Leipzig-based record label calls it “digital laptop reggae”. On the one hand it’s dub (and reggae) in the classical sense; the way King Tubby, Lee Perry or Scientist did it. But it’s also 21st dub because over at Jahtari’s they do it with the only tool that is obvious to use for that purpose – a computer, and a computer only.

So Jahtari is classical dub made with a laptop. As simple as that. You can check it all out on their site, where you can read about their philosophy (a must-read) and download or order the music (many must-listens).

The Compuriddims EP is the newest release on Jahtari and it’s once again a strange but wonderfull one. To quote the promo:

Picking up the tradition of 1960ies pioneers of electronic music, like the people at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Giampiero Boneschi, Piero Umiliani and all the other forgotten library music heroes, TAPES is taking it an easy step further towards bass country. Blowing a healthy dose of Ganja smoke into the ever-spinning wheels of his 4-track machine and clashing it properly Dubwise with skanking subs, hi-current powered drummachines and a heap of MAX-MSP madness the result will simply make your ghettoblaster weep with joy…

Enjoy …

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