Alain Bashung (1947-2009)

This is no dub whatsoever. But we have this weak spot for people who, in the middle of music industry, resist to make the music they want to make. Luckily there’s still many of them. Unluckily one of them, french singer-composer Alain Bashung, died a few days ago. A legend in his own country, he was relatively unknown in the non-french rest of the world. This clip to show why this non-french rest of the world was wrong. A great song, a great sound (and at least the clip has a dub feel).

2 Reacties

  1. Here is a worthwhile link about the Alain Bashung. Grab a look!

  2. Nice link. Also like the Gainsbourg connection, another monstre sacré of french chanson. Been planning on doing a post on his reggae escapades, la marseillaise and all that. But haven’t found the time. Yet.

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