Indubstria” is the fourth studio album for Italian dubheads B.R. Stylers, this time experimenting with the border between electronic dub experimentation and the “writing” of reggae in its song form. The album follows the classical Jamaican tradition of song followed by version.

For B.R. Stylers, the album is a romantic and apocalyptic vision of what men could leave to the posterity, as memory of their presence on the earth: the echo of a sound.

In this case the echo is a dub sound in something we got to know as the “italian tradition”. With the music giving us a nice mix of more rootsy classic dubs and the UK sound system style. An extra flavour is added with the smooth and sensual voice of female singer Michela Grena.

You can download “Indubstria” for free from the site of B.R. Stylers.

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