Dub Echoes (the album)

Dub Echoes (the movie) will soon have a companion under the form of a double cd and a triple vinyl.

Dub Echoes (the movie) is the long awaited killer documentary directed by Bruno Natal, covering dub in all its different guises. The docu features both original Jamaican artists and artists who have taken dub into new directions and into the 21st century.

“Dub Echoes” (the album) will be released by Soul Jazz (on their Sounds of the Universe imprint) at the same moment as the DVD film. Just like in the documentary, the album features both legendary and current artists and producers connected to dub. It promises to be a hypnotic trip through dubland, featuring rare classics alongside new tracks from the pioneers and futurists of this electronic musical form. You get the Jamaican originators (King Tubby, Lee Perry, Prince Jammy and Bunny Lee), alongside electronic futurists and dubstep artists (Kode9, Harmonic 313 and LV) as well as a hip hop pioneer (Roots Manuva) and an original junglist (Congo Natty).

Can’t do much wrong with that. So, just like the movie, this album is a true celebration of all things dub and related.

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