Despite Hadopi: en avant la musique!

Les Cristaux Liquident are celebrating their third anniversary with two new releases, once again gently stretching the limits of dub.

Cosmic Ryoku 2
is the second collaboration between Volfoniq, Hyqo and Azzurro. France meets Japan in this new journey from abstract hiphop to dub. Listen below to “A Love Riddim”, featuring the vocals of Stephanie Grisel. Then download the rest of this EP from the LCL site.

But the real anniversarelease is aptly titled “3”. This EP brings together four of the artists associated with the label (Arrogalla, Dr Dub, Volatil and Volfoniq) and lets them remix each other’s songs. There’s also two guest (Peak and Roots ista Posse) from A Quiet Bump Records. You can download this 5-track opus from the LCL site. Below you can listen to “Skatango”, Volfoniq remixing Volatil’s original “No bans”.

By the way, we’re glad to hear that netlabels like Les Cristaux Liquident are still keeping up the spirits. Despite the dark times for French internauts after the voting of Hadopi, a law that basically says we are all pirates. Of course we are, now even more than ever. Alors, en avant la musique!

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