Dr. Auratheft says goodbye

Sad news for those of us that have been listening to the many wonderfull compilations and mixes made by Dr. Auratheft. In his last post he announces the closing down of his (-) blog. Sad news indeed, as (-) has grown over the years into a real stronghold for musical adventurers.

(-) was always entertaining with never ever a dull moment. But the mixes were more than just that, with the music wetting the appetite for new territories and offering a broader view of global culture. Making it sometimes not only a real pleasure for the ears, but also giving us food for thought. I for one will be missing all of this for sure.

It’s always a pity when a blog as unique as this one just disappears, leaving us with another black hole in cyberspace. But on the other hand we were fortunate enough to download some of the (250!) compilations  that have been posted in the past five years. That still leaves us with hours and hours of of world wide funk and global soul jazz to enjoy.

For the occasion – and as a small tribute – we’re doing a repost of one of the mixtapes we enjoyed the most over the years. It’s the Doaba Gypsies mix that combines some exciting music with an interesting view on post-European dialogue. Enjoy the mix and wishing all the best for the futur of Dr. Auratheft.

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