Kode9 podcast for XLR8R

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Hyperdub label, labelhead Kode9 will be releasing a two-disc compilation. “5” will both look back at the label’s history and show us the groundwork for its future.

Those of you who can’t wait till next week, can now listen to the podcast he posted on XLR8R. He takes a little step back in time for a set comprised of classic UK garage and 2-step from the period 1999-2002.

He already played this “Bubble ‘N’ Squeak Mix” for a special broadcast of the “On the Wire” radioshow, where he was one of the guests celebrating 25 years of On the Wire. Now you get a proper download from the XLR8R site. Enjoy!

3 Reacties

  1. like this one. but it’s “only” UK garage and 2-step, no dubstep involved. still. love kode9 and space ape and more hyperdub.

  2. right you are. this is the past, history, times gone by. Where’s the future of dub? check jahtari for future. http://www.jahtari.org that’s where things happening.
    Heyhey,the future comes from Leipzig. Never would have thought that. Still …

  3. well. Me personally I’m not so fond of that UK garage stuff. Like it more when the man goes deep into dub. Like the ghost town cover he made. That’s what I call taking dub one (or maybe two) steps further. That’s also what I’m interested in: the future of dub. What’s it gonna be when we go further into the 21st century. 21st century dub, that’s what I want to read about on this blog. Take it further, yeah!

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