King Midas Sound

King Midas Sound is the new outfit of Kevin Martin (also known as The Bug and much much more) and Trinidad-born poet and singer Roger Robinson. The tune above is taken from the beautifull 2008 Hyperdub 12″ ‘Cool Out’/’One Ting’.
Their new album is due to be out end of this month. From what you can hear on their myspace page, it promises to be equally great. Mixing haunting dub with tearjerking ballads, this is 21st century lovers rock with a ghostly feel. Wordsound take power again with King Midas Sound.

Some more King Midas Sound: John Eden ( had a long talk with Martin and Robinson for FACT magazine, he aptly subtitled it The melancholy of  hope. You can read pre-release reviews from Boomkat and BBC, the latter calling the album already a classic. And King Midas Sound have started a blog with some artwork, some linkage and Kevin Martin’s excellent sleevenotes for the classic “Macro Dub Infection” compilation.

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  1. […] to instrumentalist Kevin Martin, dub poet Roger Robinson and vocalist Hitomi. Together they are King Midas Sound and they have a wonderfull album out now on […]

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