Dub from Brasil

With this new release (they call it their next to last release for 2009), french netlabel Fresh Poulp Records has taken the road to Brasil. They ended up in São Paulo where they met up with producer Wagner Bagão aka Dubalizer.

To some of you this name perhaps might ring a bell, as earlier this year Dubalizer was already present on the Dub Tentacles compilation. Now he his first full album Sub Existencia. Fourteen tracks presenting the dub skills of Dubalizer and featuring many  artists of the new brasilian scene. Fresh Poulp calls it “a tasty blend of roots reggae, dub, electronic music and latin flavours”. And that’s exactly what it is: a very fine global dub adventure.

Download it from the Fresh Poulp site.

Some more brasilian dub

And while we’re in Brasil, why not have another taste of brasilian dub. Cannabits is a recently created netlabel that wants to promote dub made in Brasil. Last year they published two Pac-o-Mania compilations (and a third one is said to be on the way). Grab a slice of brasilian dub and download both of them from the Cannabits site.

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    PEACE 2 all.

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