Talking machines from Italy

Macchine Parlante is the new release of Italian digital dub duo Jambassa. It’s the fruit of recent collaborations between them (Papa Lele and Gamino de Jambassa) and seven excellent vocalists.

There’s for instance Ltd Candy, which some of you might know from the Jahtari label. With her voluptuous voice she breaks the silence on “Like Silence”. There’s also Giulio Frausin, aka The Sleeping Tree, who takes “Dreada Dan Dread” on higher rasta levels; or Rankin’ Alpha with some militant spoken word on “The Unpresent Spirit”. You also get Camila Monasterio, voice of Spanish dubcombo Hotdrop, on “Unravel” and Ranking Forrest on “Want Rub A Dub”.

These vocalists help make Macchine Parlante one of the best dub releases we’ve heard this year. Papa Lele and Gamino let their sound drift on a warm digital groove, reminding us of the times Rhythm & Sound were still active. Macchine Parlante is rootsy but contemporary, combining hypnotising riddims with urban poetry.

Get this magnificent trip into new dublands from one of he top netlabels: aquietbump. You can download it for free from their site.

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  1. Hearing this, I can’t wait to go on holidays to southern italy. The deep south … Sounds great. Great stuff, Jambassa, keep dubbing it this deep and warm. Just the way I like it. A happy new year from dubmatrix.

  2. Oh and that happy new year is of course meant for dadasonic as well :-)

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