Indigenous Resistance Dubcast

We discovered this one through Exile On Moan Street (a blog very much worth checking out). It’s a podcast called “IR 18.3 Atenco”. The “IR” being short for Indigenous Resistance, and Atenco being a classic indigenous land rights struggle in Mexico, you can already feel this one coming.

This issue 18.3 of the podcast combines the land struggles with autonomous resistance (“the land is not for sale”), the Zapatistas with Asian Dub Foundation and mixes it with loads of great music. What you get is a speech fragments, ideas flying back and forward in the digital domain and lots of dub and dubversive music.

A serious message and some wonderfull music. Nice one!

Download it from Dubreality’s Podcast where you can also find all the info you need (plus a playlist). And don’t forget: be reasonable, demand the impossible!

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