Revolutionary Dub Vibrations, Chapter Two

“Still no fillas, we just draw killas”

Carrying on from the enormous success of Chapter One (over 20,000 downloads and still counting) and still with the aim of diffusing (first and foremost) up and coming “overground” reggae and dub artists who share a common aim in consciousness along with a deep love of reggae, Revolutionary Dub Vibrations is proud to announce the second chapter in a series of compilations featuring unreleased tracks from some of the best acts out there on the web, as well as several well established ones.

Chapter two’s dub journey takes us from Italy to Port Antonio, passing by the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Canada, Spain, Portugal and France. From the 25th Century electronic sounds of Dub Engine, to the classic roots style of Arawak … with many a stop in between. 20 unreleased tracks for your listening pleasure … and once again 1000% free.

Get the free download directly from here. To access more free downloads, visit Also take a look at the networking website for the label

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  1. “Revolutionary Dub Vibrations Chapter Two” is available as faster download on dub-connection.
    <a href="; title="|downloads page"

  2. Revolutionary dub vibrations (chapter two)…

    Six month after a successfully and well made first chapter, the second part of the collection published by the dub community dubvibrations is coming.Actually, the Revolutionary dub vibrations (chapter two) is available since today on different web…

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