Dub will tear us apart

Exactly thirty years ago today Ian Curtis committed suicide. His death was not only an untimely end to a young life but also to the music of Joy Division. The band had a sound like no other band at the time and that sound would later prove to be of influence to many other bands. The Cure, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Interpol and Bloc Party, to name just a few, all owe some musical debt to the bleak, baritoned post-punk that Curtis pioneered with Joy Division.

There was (is?) even a Brooklyn NY dub collective who specialised in live psychedelic dub jams of Joy Division songs. It all seems to have started as a bit of a joke project, fooling around with a newly bought keyboard. They called themselves Jah Division (which is funny as well) and in 2004 they released a very limited 12″ EP from which the song below is taken. Besides this Dub Will Tear Us Apart, the single also contained Isolation Dub, Heart + Soul Dub and Dub Disorder. There’s even a vid of a short 3-song live show they did in New York over at Punkcast.

I leave it to you to decide what you think of their version of the Joy Division song. But at least they managed to make their dub version sound almost as claustrophobic as the original.

Dub Will Tear Us Apart – Jah Division

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