Over de War on Terror en de veiligheidsstaat

Boeiend artikel over de war on terror en de veiligheidsstaat. Geschreven vanuit de Amerikaanse situatie, maar even goed te lezen vanuit een Europees perspectief. Een kort citaat hieronder, de volledige tekst kan je lezen op Ctheory.net.

Although American and European politicians still like to talk about “winning” the War on Terror [4], they rarely speak of “peace,” which seems an increasingly anachronistic notion. Instead, the question addressed to the American public around election time is: “Do you feel safe?” The question to be decided in national elections is, “Would America be safer under the leadership of candidate A or candidate B?” The theme is security, not peace, or rather, “peace” has come to mean nothing more or less than a feeling of relative security — when commuting to work, boarding an airplane, taking an elevator in a tall building, attending a concert or sporting event, visiting the shopping mall, packing the kids off to daycare, etc. The existence of the Security State seems to imply that its citizens are destined to live in a more or less normalized state of enduring personal insecurity that waxes and wanes as the government’s daily “threat level” is coded between red (“severe”) and green (“low”), on a scale in which yellow appears at the mid-point, designating “elevated” as the average level of anxiety appropriate to ordinary people on an ordinary day.

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