Map Fest 2010 in Amsterdam

Mediamatic organiseert Map Fest 2010 op 6, 8 en 9 juli in Amsterdam. Drie avonden waarop Mediamatic professionelen,techies, kunstenaars en andere enthousiastelingen samen brengt om kaarten te verkennen, te creëren, te gebruiken en te misbruiken.

Unmap by De Geuzen - foundation for multi-visual research.

Mapping for change (6 juli) is about defying and opposing existing structures. It decentralizes power, handing it back to individuals and allowing local communities to organize themselves autonomously. Alternative maps and visualizations are used to challenge and change official policy. They allow for multiple views and voices to live side by side.

Mapping for clarity (8 juli) is about making sense of data. Abstract sets of numbers are transformed into fluctuating graphs and beautiful visualizations. Power structures and traditional hierarchies are uncovered and defied. Mapping makes the intangible world around us tangible, and influences the way we experience, use and create space.

Mapping Ignite (9 juli) combines great ideas, the local community, a stage and plenty of drinks, to create a thought-provoking, innovative night. Participants get five minutes (twenty slides for fifteen seconds each) to show and explain their idea. During and after the talks there’s plenty of time for a chat, a beer and a swapping of screen names and phone numbers.

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