New Tricky album on the way

Some fifteen years after his classic debut album Maxinquaye, Tricky comes with a new album called Mixed Race. It’s already his ninth studio album and the second one to be released on Domino Records after 2008’s Knowle West Boy. Mixed Race was recorded in Paris, where Tricky currently lives, and he seems to be taking a bit of a new direction. Influences this time range from the UK and Jamaica to North Africa and France. But while the songs are anounced to be more uptempo, this mostly stays the same dark and rich Tricky all the way.

The album’s called Mixed Race because being mixed race is the single biggest influence on my music. You sat down at the table in my house and you saw every colour. It’s made me much more open-minded than I could’ve been. I come from both worlds.
Mixed Race is a gangster album. I can’t do gangsta rap. That’s not me. I can’t talk about being a bad boy, ‘cos I’m not. But I’ve been around that. So this is the closest I can get to a gangsta album. Its very gully, as Jamaicans call it… very dark. Tense, street and urban. It’s like a movie, almost.
This is also the most uptempo album I’ve done. I wanted something that could be played in a club…maybe! Which is unusual for me. Because I don’t give a shit about clubs.

It made us curious and we have to say the first single from the album is quite promissing. Murder Weapon is a rework of a classic early nineties Jamaican dancehall tune from Echo Minott. You can hear the Peter Gunn theme, some B52’s (Planet Claire) and even a Claude François sample (Comme d’habitude). Bien étonnés de se trouver ensemble, but it works well. Wonder what the rest of the album sounds like.

Here’s the original Murder Weapon.

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