Jahtari again

Echo addicts beware. Jahtari’s back with some bass-charged grenades. Two of these dub bombs come in the shape of two new Maffi-EP’s. “No / Dancehall Nice Again” marks the return of Solo Banton with these 100% Maffi-powered space rockets that are destined to detonate right on the decks. We especially got blown away by Dancehall Nice Again. Killer tune!

And there’s more. Some time ago we already let you in on the Porque Te Dub song. Rough and nice and cheesy and out now on 45-vinyl on the mysterious Jahmiga imprint. This rough edged cover version of the undying 1974 Spanish classic Porque Te Vas has sexy female vocals and a pop factor that could put ABBA to shame. Not to be missed!

And while you’re over there at Jahtari’s place, you can also grab this Kalbata mixtape called Crucial We Crucial. Expect anything from Channel One to Ujama, from deadly 80s MC action to Casio powered bliss. Forgotten gems, ultra-rare cuts, one surprise after the other. It’s all there, straight from the golden era of the late 70s to mid 80s. And it’s a free download. What more do you need? Some art work, you say? Don’t worry, it’s there.

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