Un Mono Azul mixtape

Un Mono Azul is one of the most talented cumbia digital producers around. Listen to the mix below and you will immediately understand why. The mixtape kicks of with a simply fantastic version of punk poet John Cooper-Clark’s classic Chicken Town. Inna cumbia style? No kidding! And there’s much more all along this mixtape. Remix and mash-up galore. Caliente!

If by now the youngsters among you would be curious about what this Chicken Town stuff is all about, here’s the original JCC performing his Chicken Town.

And to top things of, the song was used in an episode of the Sopranos. Weird.

But okay, we were not talking Sopranos or punk poetry. We were talking cumbia digital, so here’s Bomba Estereo. They mix their cumbia with electro to give us some Electro Tropical. Fuego!

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