RIP Ari Up

Sad news was posted this morning on John Lydon’s website.

John and Nora have asked us to let everyone know that Nora’s daughter Arianna (aka Ari-Up) died today (Wednesday, October 20th) after a serious illness. She will be sadly missed.

And this from the official website of Ari Up a/k/a Madussa.

Yesterday, Wed Oct.20th, my good friend Ari had to give in to some serious illness. I am really sad. She was not only a friend, a major inspiration to me for over 30 years and a wild woman, she did more for music history and as a feminist than ever can be said in just a few words hidden in tears. Unfair, unneccessary and cruel. There is no god!

On the video below you can see and hear Ari Up performing live with Dubblestandart and Lee Perry at a gig she did last year in Brooklyn New York.

And here’s how it all begun, some three decades ago, with all-girl punky reggae party band the Slits. Typical girls, indeed.

Last year city guide Revel in New York made a very nice documentary on Ari and the interests that have shaped her tastes.

“The Slits is my punk band. We started our mission in London as teenagers and the mission was to always be anti-establishment but not really in a political sense, more in a way of culture, free expression and for woman to be more just the heart and the soul.”

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