Spirits In Exile

Welcome to the mysterious and magical world of Blood ‘n’ Tongue and Mr. Fist. Blood ‘n’ Tongue is the home of Mr. Fist and all other personas and artifacts related to or created by Vancouver based artist and producer Stephen Ugo Rosin. His website presents over 30 years of creative effort in the fields of music, sound, graphics and video. And he’s still going strong. From the heap of 2010 releases we picked out this “Spirits In Exile” release. It’s a good collection of dubbed out mood pieces, with a bass that dips deep and the rhythms that churn with hypnotic swirls. Look forward and check out this is downtempo funky psychedelic dub. It’s spooky and it’s great.

Spirits In Exile is a “pay what you want” release. This means you are encouraged to pay according to your means and to the value the recordings offer you. All proceeds go directly to supporting the producer.

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