Lekken na WikiLeaks

zunguzungu over de Wikileaks Spinoffs, de sites voor klokkenluiders die na WikiLeaks de kop opstaken. Ze hebben elk hun eigen motivatie en hun eigen doelen en er zullen er zeker nog meer volgen. Het valt nog even af te wachten wat de gevolgen van dit alles zullen zijn, maar zunguzungu pikt er alvast twee voorbeelden uit.

(…) the “Al Jazeera Transparency Unit” was the means by which what have been called “The Palestine Papers” were leaked and published, and those documents have not so much derailed the Middle East peace process as revealed it to have never really been railed in the first place. But the effect was like an earthquake. Without going too deeply into it, it seems like no exaggeration to say that the “Palestine Papers” represent the first post-WikiLeaks document dump of real significance and real political impact, and it was a big deal. It won’t be the last, and maybe it gives us a sense for the direction things are going: leaking as an institutionalized adjunct to “real” journalism.

Or maybe it doesn’t. Anonymous is not an institution or journalism, and yet they managed to get their hands on (and actionably disseminate) documents showing HBGary Federal (a security firm) was trying to sell plans to the Bank of America and to the Chamber of Commerce a strategy of smearing supporters of WikiLeaks.


My first reaction to reading about this story was simple: Gosh, I said to myself. A bunch of documents got leaked to the general public, and then self-organized groups of that public combed through the data and found the stuff that was damning. That looks a lot like what Julian Assange had said WikiLeaks was trying to achieve but which it had given up trying to do when people didn’t step up and respond as they’d hoped. But Assange’s cynicism may have been premature. And it would be deeply ironic if the post-WikiLeaks effect of WikiLeaks was to allow quasi-anarchist organizations like Anonymous to accomplish what the original WikLeaks (in its far more utopian iteration) had despaired of accomplishing, even as they laid the foundations.

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