New Burial "Street Halo"

Burial comes with a new release, his first solo effort since 2007. Street Halo is a three track EP, foreshadowing a full album that is to be released later this year. It’s Burial as we know him, but with some minor changes. The songs sound a bit less ambient and a little more radio friendly. Or even dancefloor friendly, something you wouldn’t have said about Burial in the past. But it’s not a bad evolution and Burial is still Burial. I praise myself lucky for that.

Perhaps the biggest change is hearable in the EP’s title track. Street Halo combines a pounding atmosphere with an enticing beat and spliced female vocals – making it a possible candidate for the dancefloor. NYC (track #2) has distorted beats that keep changing in tempo as the backbone of the track. It’s an abstract tune, melancholic and gloomy – with distant and distorted female vocals adding to the claustrophobic atmosphere. Third track Stolen Dog stays downtempo, but adds some soul to it. It also has a dusty piano line that stumbles along for most of the track and surprisingly brings some warmth to the music. It’s a brillant tune. All three tracks make us curious what the full album will bring. More Burial, that’s sure, but which Burial?

Street Halo


Stolen Dog

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