Think bass-heavy electro-dance with dub effects, Caribbean basslines, dirty chunky dark and heavy beats, some two-step influences. Think of a traditional-style Jamaican dub feel mixed with an intense take on tomorrow’s bass music. Perhaps think of a Warp record buried in the ground and being digged up a few months later to be put into the hands of Lee Scratch Perry.

We’re talking SubMachena here, a collaboration between Robin Taylor-Firth and Rawle Bruce. Taylor-Firth is perhaps best known for his work with Nightmares On Wax and they both been working together previously as Olive (“You’re Not Alone” anyone?). You probably won’t have heard much of them, because till now they stayed pretty much under the radar. But if you know your dubs, you will surely want to hear SubMachena.

Have a listen and enjoy.

While you’re on the SubMachena trail, don’t forget to check out their label Blancomusic’s blog. Besides the music you’ll find some interesting reads about the music industry, the music business and simply music 2.0. Makes you think.

Have a read and enjoy.

Why Prince is right
Get off!
The new sharks

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  1. […] writing our post on SubMachena, we also took a look at the other acts on their Blancomusic label. So it was a bit by coincidence […]

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