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Filastine – Colony Collapse

Serge Gainsbourg

Dubzoic – Feel complete

Dubzoic “Feel complete” 5-track free download.


Dr Das experimental dub

Dr Das experimental dub selection on soundcloud.

Coldcut: Autumn leaves

Coldcut: Autumn leaves (Nellee Hooper mix)

Lord Cry Cry

Lord Cry Cry – “I’ve got the clap induced blues momma” (Videomit’s Bluesmen Tribute Version)

We like Bullits

The song is “Close Your Eyes” (The Bullits featuring) but it’s especially the video we like.

Soundtrack to a nightly walk in the woods

This is definitely one for the “beyond” section. Sofamixes puts together a modern classical mix and calls it Soundtrack to a nightly walk in the woods. Guess this is why we like the woods so much. Eine kleine Nachtmusik for forest walkers (although we might just as well be tempted to try this one out on a starry night at the beach).

Step outside. It’s night, it’s dark, rather cold, and the woods are just around the corner. Walk. What’s that sound? Listen.

Soundtrack To A Nightly Walk In The Woods by Sofamixes on Mixcloud.

Mil i Maria

While writing our post on SubMachena, we also took a look at the other acts on their Blancomusic label. So it was a bit by coincidence that we stumbled upon this band. They’re called Mil i Maria and we don’t know a whole lot about them. Only that we fell in love with tunes like the ones you can hear below.