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  1. hello,we have a killa dub album for free download and sharing revolutionary dub vibrations chapter 1 the link is

  2. hoi,
    hier nog meer dub-netlabelism voor je lijstje:

    ik heb ze zelf nog niet kunnen bekijken want het begint veeeeeeel te worden

  3. hi thanx for supporting revolutionary dub vibrations label.revolutionary dub vibrations chapter 2 is now available ,can you review and feature please Revolutionary Dub Vibrations


    Press Release

    “Still no fillas, we just draw KILLAS”

    Carrying on from the enormous success of Chapter One (over 20,000 downloads and still counting) and
    still with the aim of diffusing (first and foremost) up and coming “overground” reggae and dub
    artists who share a common aim in consciousness along with a deep love of reggae, Revolutionary
    Dub Vibrations is proud to announce the second chapter in a series of compilations featuring unreleased
    tracks from some of the best acts out there on the web, as well as several well established ones.

    This time all the tracks are mastered at 320 kbits/s at Don Fe Studios in Spain so even more quality for you, plus
    some awesome cover and inlay art from Michal (Rumun) Olgierd.

    CHAPTER TWO’s dub journey takes us from Italy to Port Antonio, passing by the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Canada, Spain,
    Portugal and France. From the 25th Century electronic sounds of Dub Engine, to the classic roots style of Arawak….
    with many a stop in between. 20 unreleased tracks for your listening pleasure…….and once again 1000% FREE.

    Please support the artists involved by visiting their sites (dubark, myspace, dubvibrations.ning etc) and checking out their music,
    if you have the opportunity to see them live, SUPPORT ROOTS AND CULTURE, and go and see them!!!
    If they have tracks for sale (as many do) and you like them, buy them – don’t steal them
    If you enjoy this release then let it be known……….. keep conscious music alive by spreading the word.

    Along with the release of this series of compilations, under the Creative Commons License, we will
    also focus in doing our best and using all our joint contacts within the music industry, to promote them
    and their works, to the best of our abilities.

    To access the FREE downloads of our releases, please visit , and also our
    networking website for the label , where you can reason and meet the
    artists directly as well as share the vibes, feelings and thoughts in the LABEL’s forum.
    For more info on the Revolutionary Dub Gatherers Collective, for bookings of the collective or any
    of its individual artists, please visit and either contact us or the artists directly. for all enquiries

    “As we extend the hand of universal brotherhood to all, without regard to race or colour, so we
    condemn any social or political order which distinguishes among God’s children on this most
    specious of grounds.”

    HIM Emperor Haile Sellassie I , in November 02/1966

    OUT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    FEATURING : Don Fe, El Bib, Ras Bruno, Prince Jamo, Counteraction Warriors, The Manor, Amalgamah, Dub Engine, Arawak, Forward-I, Ealryworm,
    Ras Cricket, Manudub, Anti Bypass, Lysergic Sound of Dub, Barbes.D, GadMansDubs, The Originator, Dub Activist and Soul Calibrator

    For more info, downloads, news and updates or anythings related, visit the Label
    and/or the Label’s networking website and forum .

    Remember that any help in promoting this free download, reviews, article
    features,etc will benefit not us, the label in any form or shape, but the artists
    themselves, ultimately !
    They, that have helped us by donating the tracks, are the ones that deserve and
    should be the focus of your support, help and blessed love .
    Giving thanks to The Most High!

    Revolutionary Dub Gatherers Outernational Collective

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