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Dubzoic – Feel complete

Dubzoic “Feel complete” 5-track free download.

Dubzoic live in Rome

Here’s Dubzoic featuring Sista Sara and dubbing it live in Rome.

Also check out their releases. You can download them from the Dubzoic site. There’s for instance these two nice collaborations: “Breathe and bless” with Bandulu Dub and “Step by Step” with Dubosmium. Enjoy!

New Dubzoic featuring Sista Sara

“Dance within” is the brand new single of Dubzoic, once again featuring Sista Sara. If you know Dubzoic, then you know what to expect: classic rootsy dub with a spiritual feel. The single comes in a vocal and an instrumental version. You can play it on the Dubzoic myspace page or download it from Mediafire. And let there be no doubt, it’s definitely a great tune.


“Let there be dub” is the new single of italian spiritual dubhead Dubzoic. A nice classic rootsy dub, featuring Sista Sara. It should soon be released for download, but you can already prelisten it on MySpace.