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Filastine – Colony Collapse

Culture Dub first vinyl release

After 10 years of dub activism, Culture Dub proudly presents its first release. It’s a limited edition 10inch 33rpm vinyl record, produced and mixed by Barbès.D and featuring the deep voice and conscious lyrics of Sista Bethsabée. Nice way to celebrate an anniversary. Respect!

You can order the record from Control Tower Records, where you can also listen to the tunes.

Lizzy Mercier-Descloux

Mais ou sont passées les gazelles?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In the garden of dub

Positive Vibes is a new netlabel out of the United States, founded by Kris Naphtali who wants to share the good vibes with as many people as possible. The first release on the label is the compilation “In The Garden Of Dub”, a nice collection of reggae and dub tunes from around the globe.

The album starts off with the slow paced “Deliverance Prayer” of Kibir La Amlak, immediately followed by Belgium’s finest Crucial Alphonso’s and his Ayubu Steppers. A great start for an album that delivers its promise of positive vibes and contains many good quality tunes. There’s for instance an excellent Roots Hi-Tek with a dark souding and intriguing Bulawayo Rock. Massada rounds things off nicely with their minimalistic dub style.

You can download In The Garden Of Dub for free from Kris Naphtali’s website.

New releases on Fresh Poulp Records

2010 seems to have barely started and it’s already been a busy year for dub releases, free and non-free. Time to draw your attention to some albums very much worth listening to.

We’re starting things off with two albums on the excellent Fresh Poulp label. Self Control is the first album from French dub producer Zazen. The heavy bass lines and the steady rhythms provide a solid base for his original soundscapes. Strong and spiritual at the same time, this is a hypnotic album with not one weak track.

Then there’s Afirmativa from brasil-based singer Andreia Dacal. It’s the second time Fresh Poulp goes Brasil, after the Dubalizer album, and we surely hope they will do this more often in the future. Andreia Dacal brings an exciting mix of reggae, dub, rap and Brazilian music. Nice one!

Of course you can download both albums for free from Fresh Poulp Records. Which by the way is one of our favorite netlabels.

Riddim Collision 11

Riddim Collision 11. 28 september 03 october 2009 in Lyon (France). With (amongst many others) Pan-Sonic, Pole and on friday 2nd of october a Riddim Dub Collision night. That day, stage 1 will give room to a sound clash featuring amongst others the famous sound system operator Aba Shanti I and Martin Campbell of Channel One (UK) fame. Stage 2 is reserved for some great 21st dub with High Tone, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Disrupt and more.

Dub Wars

This one is a new release on the Original Dub Gathering netlabel. French dubmaker Redi [Ruhdy] found himself 15 artists willing to contribute a tune on the “Dub War” theme. The result is mainly dub steppers and electro dub, some of them inspired by film director Georges Lucas (Star Wars, anybody?) but almost all of them clearly addicted to a deep and grooving bass. This is mostly dark and heavy warrior dub, with the exception of some minimal dub tunes. Nice idea, nice compilation. And it’s a free download to top it all. Just like we always thought: the only good war is a dub war.

Dub for rights and papers

Dubamix has a new dub online. Once again he’s mixing the best of politics with the beauty of dub, this time denouncing today’s migration politics and supporting the struggles of the sans-papiers. We like the statement and we love the dub. What more can we ask for? Perhaps papers for all sans-papiers?

Listen and download this dub for free.

Dubamix is also planning on touring in 2010, bringing his militant dub to stages in France (and perhaps abroad?). You can support him with a donation or by buying the “Mix a Dub” cd.

Despite Hadopi: en avant la musique!

Les Cristaux Liquident are celebrating their third anniversary with two new releases, once again gently stretching the limits of dub.

Cosmic Ryoku 2
is the second collaboration between Volfoniq, Hyqo and Azzurro. France meets Japan in this new journey from abstract hiphop to dub. Listen below to “A Love Riddim”, featuring the vocals of Stephanie Grisel. Then download the rest of this EP from the LCL site.

But the real anniversarelease is aptly titled “3”. This EP brings together four of the artists associated with the label (Arrogalla, Dr Dub, Volatil and Volfoniq) and lets them remix each other’s songs. There’s also two guest (Peak and Roots ista Posse) from A Quiet Bump Records. You can download this 5-track opus from the LCL site. Below you can listen to “Skatango”, Volfoniq remixing Volatil’s original “No bans”.

By the way, we’re glad to hear that netlabels like Les Cristaux Liquident are still keeping up the spirits. Despite the dark times for French internauts after the voting of Hadopi, a law that basically says we are all pirates. Of course we are, now even more than ever. Alors, en avant la musique!

High Tone presents Dub Invaders

There’s once again some good news for those who have been following the many projects of the Lyon dub crew High Tone. Just a few months after “Dub Box” (the refix album), the irreverent heirs of Lee Scratch Perry now have released Dub Invaders.

It’s a simple concept. The five musicians of the band plus their vj have produced two titles each. The twelve songs are released on triple vinyl on the Jarring Effects label. Ranging from steppa to electrodub to dubstep, this album shows once again why High Tone is still considered as one of the major actors in the french dub scene. This is once again some great mutant dub.

You can also check the special website dedicated to Dub Invaders, where you can listen to the album.