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Dubzoic – Feel complete

Dubzoic “Feel complete” 5-track free download.

Tribute to Dubkey

French radio show Radio Dio did a one hour tribute to netlabel Dubkey. No talking, just the music playing it strictly dubwise.

Listen to the radioshow.
Get the playlist.

Then go check out the Dubkey site. The third installment of Manwel T’s Virtual Dub is now ready for download. It’s another set of dub remixes with steppers and roots reggae leading the dance. But you also get to hear original Studio One DJ General Smiley on two electronic dancehall tunes and John Brown’s Body and their complex rock reggae style. Nice one!

Dub Tentacles Volume Two

Fresh Poulp Records brings us the second volume of their Dub Tentacles compilation. Volume 1 was already a highly enjoyable trip trough the many worlds of dub, gathering 13 artists from different cultures.

For this Volume 2, Fresh Poulp stays a bit closer to home. The spotlights are on French Dub, with a few excursions to China, Greece, Belgium, Spain and Argentina. Still, with tunes ranging from reggae roots through electrodub to dubstep, there’s plenty of diversity and you will find dubs for every taste.

The quality of this second volume is high from start to end. So it’s hard to single out one or two stand-out tracks. But we surely were surprised by Volfoniq’s “Skango Dos”. Accompanied by Federico de Gennaro, Volfoniq delivers a spectacular fusion of tango and ska. “Skango Dos” grabs you from the very first seconds with a very atypical mix of styles. And they keep you listening untill the very last notes. These are drenched in reverb, which adds an extra dub feel to an already classy tune.

All in all a very nice compilation and once again a Fresh Poulp release that you can download for free.

Volfoniq feat Federico de Gennaro – Skango Dos by LCL netlabel

Revolutionary Dub Vibrations, Chapter Two

“Still no fillas, we just draw killas”

Carrying on from the enormous success of Chapter One (over 20,000 downloads and still counting) and still with the aim of diffusing (first and foremost) up and coming “overground” reggae and dub artists who share a common aim in consciousness along with a deep love of reggae, Revolutionary Dub Vibrations is proud to announce the second chapter in a series of compilations featuring unreleased tracks from some of the best acts out there on the web, as well as several well established ones.

Chapter two’s dub journey takes us from Italy to Port Antonio, passing by the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Canada, Spain, Portugal and France. From the 25th Century electronic sounds of Dub Engine, to the classic roots style of Arawak … with many a stop in between. 20 unreleased tracks for your listening pleasure … and once again 1000% free.

Get the free download directly from here. To access more free downloads, visit dubvibrations.com/. Also take a look at the networking website for the label dubvibrations.ning.com.

In the garden of dub

Positive Vibes is a new netlabel out of the United States, founded by Kris Naphtali who wants to share the good vibes with as many people as possible. The first release on the label is the compilation “In The Garden Of Dub”, a nice collection of reggae and dub tunes from around the globe.

The album starts off with the slow paced “Deliverance Prayer” of Kibir La Amlak, immediately followed by Belgium’s finest Crucial Alphonso’s and his Ayubu Steppers. A great start for an album that delivers its promise of positive vibes and contains many good quality tunes. There’s for instance an excellent Roots Hi-Tek with a dark souding and intriguing Bulawayo Rock. Massada rounds things off nicely with their minimalistic dub style.

You can download In The Garden Of Dub for free from Kris Naphtali’s website.

Some more Jahtari fun

Echo addicts rejoice! The never-resting Jahtari crew brings us some fun new dub projects.

First of all, the Bo Marley boys are back with their newest cassette release, the much anticipated sequel to their classic “Bo Marley vs disrupt”-LP, called “Masters Of The Universe”. Deeply exploring the groovy twilight zone between HipHop, Dub and Chiptunes goodness this detail-packed tape comes in a limited edition on yellow cassettes!

There’s also a cracking new live recording over in the tapes section from a killer Cool & Deadly night at the ultra-packed GlazArt in Paris. Standhigh Patrol at the control, w/ Pupajim on the mic, seriously testing your subwoofers.

You can also drop by the spreadshirt-shop for some new cool (and affordable) Jahtari T-Shirt, all done by hand and with lotsa vibes. And finally, coming up soon are a new Maffi-7″ (feat. Pupajim), a new compilation “Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 2”, plus something fresh on the Jahmiga-front.

All Kinda Riddims – new Dubkey release

After the splendid All Kinda Wall vocal compilation, Dubkey Records proudly presents the All Kinda Riddims instrumental set that includes the twelve rhythms from the vocal album and ends with the Mighty Stepper rhythm and its dub version that appear on the album as bonus tracks.

Free download over at Dubkey Records.

Dub from Brasil

With this new release (they call it their next to last release for 2009), french netlabel Fresh Poulp Records has taken the road to Brasil. They ended up in São Paulo where they met up with producer Wagner Bagão aka Dubalizer.

To some of you this name perhaps might ring a bell, as earlier this year Dubalizer was already present on the Dub Tentacles compilation. Now he his first full album Sub Existencia. Fourteen tracks presenting the dub skills of Dubalizer and featuring many  artists of the new brasilian scene. Fresh Poulp calls it “a tasty blend of roots reggae, dub, electronic music and latin flavours”. And that’s exactly what it is: a very fine global dub adventure.

Download it from the Fresh Poulp site.

Some more brasilian dub

And while we’re in Brasil, why not have another taste of brasilian dub. Cannabits is a recently created netlabel that wants to promote dub made in Brasil. Last year they published two Pac-o-Mania compilations (and a third one is said to be on the way). Grab a slice of brasilian dub and download both of them from the Cannabits site.

Dub Wars

This one is a new release on the Original Dub Gathering netlabel. French dubmaker Redi [Ruhdy] found himself 15 artists willing to contribute a tune on the “Dub War” theme. The result is mainly dub steppers and electro dub, some of them inspired by film director Georges Lucas (Star Wars, anybody?) but almost all of them clearly addicted to a deep and grooving bass. This is mostly dark and heavy warrior dub, with the exception of some minimal dub tunes. Nice idea, nice compilation. And it’s a free download to top it all. Just like we always thought: the only good war is a dub war.

Bandulu Dub

Netlabel Fresh Poulp presents Spiritual Evolution, the third album of Bandulu Dub. Some of us might know these Portuguese dubmasters already from their contribution on the Dub Tentacles compilation, that was released on Fresh Poulp earlier this year. This tune “Long hair man” is also on Bandulu Dub’s new album, along with twelve new songs in the same vein: mixing positive vibes and musical collaborations with some very well crafted dubs. We get invited to a trip across Planet Dub, with collaborators from Norway, Japan, Germany, Cyprus, Montenegro, France, China and more. With a varied sound ranging from ethno to roots dub, “Spiritual Evolution” brings us almost an hour of sheer dub pleasure. As they put it theirselves: listen calmly and enjoy the trip!

Download for free from the Fresh Poulp site.