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Lord Cry Cry

Lord Cry Cry – “I’ve got the clap induced blues momma” (Videomit’s Bluesmen Tribute Version)

We like Bullits

The song is “Close Your Eyes” (The Bullits featuring) but it’s especially the video we like.

PJ Harvey meets Niney the Observer

Swelling keyboard, swampy vocals, scratchy guitars, jangly percussion, an echoing tambourine, some distant vocal samples and a lot of reverb. I’m sure you never wondered how PJ Harvey might sound when out on a dubby reggae trip. But you get the answer anyway and it actually sounds good.

Written on the forehead is the first single taken from PJ Harvey’s new album Let England Shake. It was recorded inside a church in Dorset, England with assistance from producer Flood and musicians Mick Harvey and John Parish.

For those of you who might not immediately recognise the sample that fills the background, here it is in full. Niney the Observer’s classic “Blood and Fire”.

Rebel Warrior Live

Asian Dub Foundation performing Dhol Rinse live during their Enemy of the Enemy Tour.

Captain Ska: Liar Liar

Captain Ska recorded this tune in 2010 and it hit the British charts by the end of that year. Unfortunately the government keeps ruthlessly hacking away jobs, damaging vulnerable lives and chipping away at the very fabric of society. So this still remains a very necessary tune.

“I’ve never much been into politics before, but the spending cuts are going to really hit millions of people who did nothing to cause this recession, and Ska can be the soundtrack for the campaign, just as two-tone was one of the few good things to come from the 1980s – the last time we had a government that did so much to rip the country apart.” – Captain SKA

Go check anti-cuts site falseeconomy.co.uk.

Visual Dub

Music: Tommy McCook & The Supersonics (“Love Dub”)
Artwork & animation: David Cox

Movie dub: filmmaker Jodorowsky remixed

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s classic cult movie El Topo was remixed by Mexican visual artists xnografikz.


No No No Live

Every now and then we have to look back and dig into the crates of our roots. Today it’s Dawn Penn performing live in New York back in 2007. Boy oh boy, what a riddim, what a bass and what a voice. A true classic and one of our all time favorites. Play it loud.

Ninja Tune brings back The Bug

Legendary label Ninja Tune has been celebrating its 20th birthday all year long and they’re still not getting tired. On the contrary, there have been some ass-kicking new releases. Amongst them is this double 12″ vinyl (also a digital download) of Kevin Martin’s The Bug. As the promo says, “Infected blurs the lines between his various guises, lulling you into a false sense of security before striking out hard.”

On the video to ‘Catch A Fire’ you can see and hear King Midas Sound collaborator Hitomi on vocals.

Over at XLR8R you can also download a podcast (one of a series of Ninja Tune XX podcasts) with label founders Coldcut teaming up with old-school Ninja Tune acts DJ Food and DK. It’s a massive mix of 70-plus minutes and more than 40 tracks showcasing the many eras, sounds, and styles of the label’s history.

RIP Ari Up

Sad news was posted this morning on John Lydon’s website.

John and Nora have asked us to let everyone know that Nora’s daughter Arianna (aka Ari-Up) died today (Wednesday, October 20th) after a serious illness. She will be sadly missed.

And this from the official website of Ari Up a/k/a Madussa.

Yesterday, Wed Oct.20th, my good friend Ari had to give in to some serious illness. I am really sad. She was not only a friend, a major inspiration to me for over 30 years and a wild woman, she did more for music history and as a feminist than ever can be said in just a few words hidden in tears. Unfair, unneccessary and cruel. There is no god!

On the video below you can see and hear Ari Up performing live with Dubblestandart and Lee Perry at a gig she did last year in Brooklyn New York.

And here’s how it all begun, some three decades ago, with all-girl punky reggae party band the Slits. Typical girls, indeed.

Last year city guide Revel in New York made a very nice documentary on Ari and the interests that have shaped her tastes.

“The Slits is my punk band. We started our mission in London as teenagers and the mission was to always be anti-establishment but not really in a political sense, more in a way of culture, free expression and for woman to be more just the heart and the soul.”

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